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    Why are my video files split into segments?


      I'm new to Premiere Pro and formerly used FCP 7. I shoot on a Canon Vixia HFM400 which is AVCHD and the file format is .mts. In FCP 7, I used to be able to insert my SD card into my card reader, open up FCP 7, then go to File>Log and Transfer, and an hour-long video file would be ingested with no issues.


      Now, using Adobe Premiere Pro, I don't have a "Log and Transfer" option, so I import my .mts files from my SD card's Stream folder onto my hard drive and import them into PP. However, with longer video files, I notice that the .mts files are being broken into 16-minute segments. I tried to just put them back to back, and while the audio seems seamless, I am losing a few frames on the video, making it a bit jumpy. How can I fix this? Do I have to copy over the entire file structure from the SD card? The only reason I haven't done that is that there is footage on the card I don't want to import for that specific project. However, I've read on other forums that doing so may solve the problem. I can test it but just wanted to make sure before wasting my time...