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    Text flow has disappeared?


      I have this large document with text flowing from page to page.


      When I created a PDF and started reviewing it, I noticed a page was blank (page 87). Moving to the page in InDesign, sure enough the page is completely blank, despite it supposedly having C-Master applied to it which has a few items on it such as page number, document name etc... The Text flow line goes from Page 86 to 88, but in the middle of Page 87 there is a little box with an arrow.InDesign-Issue.png


      It seems as if the page has disappeared; I know this because this section of the document had numbered bullets on, and on page 86 it stops at bullet 20, and then on page 88 it starts again at bullet 27?


      Any ideas what I've done? I'm sure at one point it was working - but have done something to screw it up. I've done this in the past, but rather than try to resolve the problem, I had an earlier version I could use. No such joy this time.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Cheers, Jay