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    If I uninstall & reinstall PE12, does it affect existing projects?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      My PE12 (installed from disc and updated to v. 12.1) is acting poorly.  Symptoms* are complex but I think an uninstall and reinstall may be called for.


      My question: will an uninstall and reinstall delete, alter, or otherwise cause problems with existing projects, some of which are finished and waiting to go to DVD?


      Thanks in advance.


      *Symptoms include: failure to open on first try; "Not responding" popups even though the program is up and running fine; "Not responding" popups after I have exited the program [!], others.  Also, on occasion when removing other programs I'll get a message about some sort of damaged PE12 file.  (Sorry, but I don't have screen shots of these messages.)  Generally works well once up and running, but the herky-jerky fringe issues make me nervous.