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    Brush Sizing Bracket Keys NOT functioning in CS6


      Hello all, I'm having an issue and I'm hoping you can help me resolve it.


      I have an iMac 27" running the most current OS (Dec 2014) available. I've noticed for the last 2 months that my bracket keys and the X key to switch black to white (and vice versa) is working intermittently. It works at the start of opening PS CS6 but after a few minutes of using it, I cannot resize the brush and/ or switch from black to white when masking. To get the brush to "unfreeze" and even show the work, I have to click over on the layers and then it starts to work again but only for a few minutes. Regardless of working in "layers" the bracket keys do stop functioning...meaning I don't have to be masking something. I could simply be painting in something and the same issue arises.


      I've tried resetting the preferences and in manually resetting the function keys. I've also reset the tool but nothing has worked.


      Any suggestions aside from reloading CS6?