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    long export times


      My company is moving over to Premiere Pro CC from FCP 7. As a relatively newer user of Premiere Pro CC (2014v8.1) I'm trying to figure out how to set my system for faster exports.

      For Example;


      I edited a project in 720p (media was shot in 4K-Sony SxS) import and playback were fine until adding basic Color correction. Then extremely choppy playback until I rendered the timeline.

      Exported the 14:27 timeline to XDcam422HD 60(50mbps) 59.94fps with a data rate 50.11Mbits/s.

      It took  1hour and 18minutes to export!


      For an experiment, I re-edited the exact sequence in Final Cut Pro X 10.10.4 (I have a copy on the same machine) Did the same export.

      Both Files are identical in size, Mbits.sec, etc.  The Export time was 7 Minutes!


      I am sure there has to be a group of settings that I am not aware, that I haven't tweaked or modified to improve the export times.


      Like I said the company is moving us to Premiere ProCC and I want to make sure I can export nearly as quickly. These export times seem unbelievably long and must not have something not set correctly.


      My Sysytem is:

      Mac Pro (Late 2013)

      3.5 GHz 6 core Xeon E5

      Graphics card: AMD Firepro D500 3072

      16GB Ram

      Yosemite 10.10.1


      Premiere Pro CC 2014:


      Mercury Transit is enabled

      13 GB allocated to PPro


      Any help would be appreciated as we will roll this out division wide (about 35 edit stations) within a year.

      Thanks in Advance