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    Creating .as class in Flash Builder for movieclip stored in SWC


      I need to use movieclips created in Flash Professional CC in my Flash Builder project. I have exported my .fla file as an .swc and included it in my Flash Builder project. The movieclips for which I DON'T need a custom .as class import without a problem. But the movieclips that need to be linked to an .as class don't appear. I have tried the following, using my ThoughtBubble movieclip as an example:

      1) Giving the .fla with the ThoughtBubble movieclip access to ThoughtBubble.as so that the movieclip doesn't create a dummy ThoughtBubble.as file.

      2) Denying the .fla access to ThoughtBubble.as so that the movieclip is forced to create a dummy ThoughtBubble.as class.

      Either way, the ThoughtBubble movieclip does not appear in the list of movieclips in my swc when imported into my Flash Builder project.

      3) I also tried removing my ThoughtBubble.as file from my FlashBuilder project and THEN importing the swc. The ThoughtBubble movieclip does show up in the list of swc assets--BUT when I try to create a ThoughtBubble.as file, I get the following error: "ThoughtBubble.swc already exists."

      What am I doing wrong? How can I link my ThoughtBubble movieclip with ThoughtBubble.as in Flash Builder?

      Here is a screenshot of my fla publish settings:

      publish settings.png


      And a screenshot of my ThoughtBubble movieclip properties:

      symbol properties.png

      Thanks in advance!