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    Wrap-Text bug when publishing - When will it be fixed?

    hollywku Level 1

      The bug that causes the text to not wrap in short answer and survey quiz questions when published to Adobe Connect has been around for at least 2 years. This is extremely inconvenient. I need to add a published Presenter quiz to our Adobe Connect Training Curriculum that includes a non-graded survey question, but we cannot because the wrap-text feature doesn't work. Since it doesn't work, the learner can only type in an endless straight line, which is extremely frustrating to the learner because they cannot easily go back and review their answer or make edits before hitting submit. They can't even put in a paragraph return. The wrap-text will only work if I share the quiz within a Meeting Room, but then we cannot track the individual answers learners provide. I added the Meeting Room, with the quiz being shared, into the Curriculum content, and sometimes the content list will then show the quiz as a sub-item under the Meeting Room, but sometimes it doesn't, and if you make any change to the item being shared, it sometimes suddenly removes the quiz as a sub-item in the content list. Plus, learners will be confused when they see the content list as to whether click to enter the meeting room and take the quiz or to click directly on the link to the quiz that is listed as a sub-item. And whichever one they choose, when they return to the curriculum list, they will only have a green complete check on one of the items, not both, even though they both go to the same place. When will this bug be fixed? Or has it been overlooked?