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    Most efficient way of putting an internal radius to a border using Edge Animate.

    justincode Level 1

      Hi all..


      I am looking for a bit of help in solving this one..


      If we were to create a rectangle and make that rectangle transparent, then assign a colour to the border, then make it say... 3px we would see a lovely rectangle with rounded edges.


      But... How do i add an internal radius to my border...


      If i were coding CSS i would do the following, but i would like to know the Edge way of doing this


      many thanks as usual!!


      If i were in css:


      #container {
          float: left;
          border-radius: 3px;
          background-color: #383838;
          width: 174px;
          height: 174px;
      #container:before {
          border-radius: 3px;
          border: 2px solid #383838;;
          content: '';
          width: 170px;
          height: 170px;
          position: absolute;