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    Premiere Pro CC 64bit not utilizing GPU

    jthiggins518 Level 1

      Hello all, first time poster here. 


      I recently built a new budget PC with photo/video editing in mind.    I'm running an AMD FX8350 with a ASUS GTX780-DC20C-3GD5 video card.   Windows 8.1 pro 64bit.   16GB HyperX Fury DDR3 1866mhz Memory.    Premiere pro seems to be identifying the video card correctly (Confirmed with GPUSniffer.exe), and it's defaulting to Mercury Playback Engine with GPU (CUDA) acceleration correctly.  Problem is whenever I'm using the program, be it editing in the time line, or exporting media, my CPU shoots up to 100% usage, while my GPU sits there barely nudging above 3% usage.    I've uninstalled and deleted the video card drivers, and reinstalled without success.    Also uninstalled and reinstalled Premier Pro CC and Media Encoder, without success.  The video card appears to function correctly when playing any games.     Everything that came with the card said Nvidia.  Could ASUS vs Nvidia drivers be the issue?