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    Edge Inspect CC : Installation Failed




      I'm trying to install Edge Inspect CC today, the install gets to 'Extracting' 42% and then shows 'Installation failed, learn more...'


      Clicking more info shows:


      Exit Code: 7

      Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example, ERROR: DW006 ...


      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

      - 0 fatal error(s), 1 error(s)


      ----------- Payload: Edge Inspect CC Edge_Inspect_1_5_LREFJ.pkg_1.5 -----------

      ERROR: DW006: Apple Package failed to install successfully.





      ....Reflow, code and animate installed fine today, Inspect is the only issue.


      Mac Pro e2008


      2x2.8 Quad Intel

      8gig RAM