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    After Effects CC 2014 problem: Image from frame from the last Premiere CC-After Effects link permanently burned into new project compositions.


      One frame from one of the clips I sent from Premiere to After Effects through "replace with After Effects composition" was permanently burned in After Effects and now it appears in every new composition of every new project I create as the background of such composition. 

      For example, I sent from Premiere a clip of a building to After Effects for color correction with Finesse, and warp stabilization and then after rendering, finishing, and closing all the applications, now, every time I open After Effects for any other project, whether already-created or brand-new, every existing or newly created composition (in a Mac Command N) you see the image of the building as the background of the composition.  If you create a new composition, while it remains empty of any layers, you see the image of the building.  If you have an already-created composition with layers, when you turn off all the eyes of the layers, you would expect to see black (nothing) in the composition window (if that's the color you assigned to be as the background of the comp), but instead you see the building.  If you change the color of the comp's background in Composition Settings, you still see the building as the background.  If you render such empty composition (no layers) you render out the image of the building, not black.  I tried clicking everywhere and going through the preferences, and even uninstalling the application and re-installing it, but it seems to be permanently burned in into every comp's background.

      Please, any ideas of what's going on and how to get rid of it?

      Thanks so much for your help,