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    Enabling Cuda or OpenCL for Premiere Pro CC 2014


      I feel like this should be answered somewhere already, but I cannot find any info on it.


      I just upgraded to CC 2014 and am trying to get Premiere to render with Cuda or OpenCL as I was able to do in CS6.

      I have the Mercury Playback Engine Software Only grayed out and have tried everything to my knowledge to fix this.

      I am on an iMac and have found solutions with PCs changing settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, but Mac does not have an Nvidia control panel.


      With CS6, I was able to add my graphics card (GeForce GT 650M) to the "cuda_supported_cards.txt" or "opencl_supported_cards.txt", but in CC 2014, these files do not exist. And if I create the file and add them to the package contents of Premiere CC 2014, nothing happens.


      I have the latest Nvidia Driver installed:

      CUDA Mac Driver

      Latest Version: CUDA 6.5.25 driver for MAC

      Release Date: 11/19/2014


      And that didn't help.


      If this helps, here is what happens when I run GPUSniffer through Premiere:


      Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.24.17 PM.png


      Please help.

      I will be in CS6 until I can figure this out.