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    Is it possible to save a cc2014.1 project file to previous version (cc2014.0)?

    Derjis Level 3

      I suppose this had to happen sooner or later... We've got a project file from a client that was created in 8.1; we're still on 8.0, and have no plans to update until Adobe gets around to releasing a patch for it (let's be honest here, 8.1 is a bit of a dog's breakfast...). I know I can import an XML or AAF of the project file, but there are effects on the clips that won't carry over with either of those formats. After Effects has a "save as previous version" feature; has Adobe implemented anything similar in 8.1? It's a little absurd that a point update renders project files completely incompatible. Any suggestions or workarounds? I remember hearing about editing the project file itself... there's a program version hash or something like that in the code --- apparently modifying that will allow projects to be opened in previous versions. Anyone know anything about this?