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    Problem with multi cam editing

    Todd Mobley Level 1

      I've seen multiple users ask this question in the past year, but have yet to see a viable solution to the problem. I have a music video with a multicam timeline enabled, so I can go from camera angle to camera angle and keep the best shots. Pretty basic stuff right? Well, anything past 5 active tracks (around 3.5 minutes each), and the timeline becomes so choppy it's unusable. If anyone has any ideas as to a fix, please let me know. I'm stuck dean in my tracks with this edit, and it's pushing deadlines...


      Here's a video:

      Premiere Pro CC 8.1 Multicam Playback Problem - YouTube





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          DMH79 Level 2

          I'm not sure what's causing that issue and I've seen other threads about choppy multicam as well. I don't go over 3 tracks usually so I haven't hit anything that bad. I would guess based on Premiere's release schedule from years past that an update will be coming out in the next 2 weeks. Who knows if that will fix it or not. For now, I'd say maybe try transcoding to a different very light proxy format for the edit and then relink to the originals when you're done. That got me through a tough project with a demanding multicam edit a couple months back. It might not be ideal for the future but until someone finds out what's up with 6+ multicam tracks (I haven't tested it myself to see if it is actually " a thing" or not) then you might wanna try this. Especially if you're pushing deadlines. Sorry for no real answers, only ideas. - J

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            Todd Mobley Level 1

            Thanks DMH. It looks like i'll just have to revert to making a copy of the sequence and manually editing the tracks. Hopefully they will address this issue in the next update...



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              RobSher1 Level 1

              I see your playback resolution is set to full. You might have to go to 1/2 or 1/4 to get smoother playback so you can finish your edit. We have a four year old i7-920 system with a GTX-480 video card and have to set playback to 1/2 or 1/4 if we have a lot of effects or the warp stabilizer on the clips.

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                Todd Mobley Level 1

                Thanks, Rob. I tried that, but it made no difference at all...