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    Downloading Cinema4D Lite

    Fengo Iruga

      Just that, I was wondering where I am to download the Cinema4D Lite installer, the Maxon website is convoluted and says RENDER IN AFTER EFFECTS.. Well, yes, that's why I am looking for it, rendering in After Effects sounds easier than rendering in 3DS Max then jumping to After Effects, but unfortunately, it seems that this is exactly what I might end up having to do, seeing as Maxon's website is completely incompetent at giving real information other than that it is "free with After Effects" and that it can do renders in AE. So far, Creative Cloud told me nothing, no C4D download in there, there was no download link on Maxon's website, so that leaves me wondering.. What the hell am I supposed to do now? Guess I'll get back to 3DS Max, since the information is completely vague at best on Adobe and Maxon's part.