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    Frogger game

    npo rule
      Hi I am creating a frogger game - the one where the frog has to get across the road without hitting the cars to win. My problem is I dont know how to write the lingo code for when frog collides with one of the cars. I have tried using:

      if sprite 1 intersects sprite 2 OR sprite 3 OR sprite 4 OR sprite 5 then
      alert "you have collided with a car"
      end if

      but this does nothing

      I have looked up director help files and i know there is a collision property but there wasnt enough explination on how to code it in lingo it gave this line: member("3d world").model("box").collision.enabled = TRUE but i know how to change it for my game and dont think it would work anyway.

      Thanks for you help in advance :)