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    Web-enabled form

    Bonnie CEW

      I have taken over a position within no training or handover and I have to update our online form.


      I can see that we have a previous web-enabled form (as the link is on our website) and I have the PDF version however I don't see the web-enabled form in my FormsCentral account, which I took over from a former employee and which was updated with my login details. Please help!

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          Vikrantt Singh Employee Moderator

          Hi Elizabeth CEW,


          Once you log in to your account all the forms shared with you would populate. However, if the form hasn't been shared with you, it would not display in your account.


          Vikrantt Singh

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            Bonnie CEW Level 1

            Thanks for your response. The issue is that we created this form, using our account, but it is no longer sitting in our account but I can see the form is still active. How can I bring it back into our account? I have a PDF version, but I understand that we can't convert the PDF to an online version, so what are my options?

            Thanks, Bonni