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    Not able to understand - How ColdBox framework identifies the event handler cfc when a url fires

    Abdul L Koyappayil Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am very new in ColdBox framework but have a good experience in ColdFusion.


      In browser I am firing a url like below.




      Here the event handler named "event" is pointing to the path - \handlers\pdt\real\ldr\ldr_nm\ldr_portal\ldr_agt\event.cfc. My question here is how ColdBox framework identifies this cfc file(\handlers\pdt\real\ldr\ldr_nm\ldr_portal\ldr_agt\event.cfc). I know there is some config file where we can provide this handlerspath . But in my application (where I am working) I can see this file but it has been configured as just "handlers" instead of what I am expecting like "\handlers\pdt\real\ldr\ldr_nm\ldr_portal\ldr_agt\event.cfc". Please correct me if I am wrong as I dont have much knowledge about this framework


      Is there any other configuration file or any more set up can be done to map this handler to.


      Your timely help is well appreciated.

      Thanks in advance