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    Clip Opacity an programm monitor


      Hello there,


      I just changed from CS6 to CC and I am already facing difficulties. Right now I have two questions:


      1. In CS6 you used to be ble to keyframe the opacity of a clip direktly on the clip with that yellow line, but I can't seem to find that feature in CC? I don't want to go to the effects panel all the time to quickly change the opacity :/


      2. Everytime I hit play (spacebar) the program monito gets aktiv, but I use a seperate screen just for videoplayback and I have the program monitor in some random tab (because if I close it I lose the second screen too). Can you disable that it automatically pops open (gets active) as soon as I press play? This really bothers me, because I want to look thrpugh my files while playing the video so I can see what could fit next...


      I am happy for every tipp you could possibly give me. thank you!


      (and please forgive my bad english, it is not my mothers tongue )