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    Multicammed clips will not flatten!

    Cansen Yilmaz

      I've multicammed sequences from a live event using 3 cameras. One half of the show is a sequence that's about 40 minutes but once i've nested, multicammed  and made my cuts I can't flatten any of the clips. The flatten option is there along with the enable but after hitting flatten nothing happens. This happened the other day except I only discovered my multi cam sequence has issues when i'd revisited the project after closing PP. When I reopened up the project my multicammed sequence seemed fine until I scrolled through, every clip was a repeat of a single clip! It's as though the references had completely messed up. But I managed to copy one clip from the multi cam sequence on to the layer above and then extending it  and for some reason this works and I'm able to flatten it.  Only issue is I had to then extend it to the duration of the sequence and make all of my cuts copying the layer below (for a 40 minute sequence this takes a while).


      However trying that method on these new multicammed clips isn't working and i'm thinking its because i haven't yet closed my project and discovered that repeating clip error in my sequence yet. I don't really want to try this as this means that I'll almost definitely have this repeating clip error again. All of my clips on scrolling through my multi cam sequence are actually fine at the mo it's only on export that I notice that it's all messed up again.


      So it's like the references to the clips are messed up in some way, but it's displaying everything okay in the timeline only after a save and reopen of the software or quick look at an export and it's all gone wrong. I've tried reopening exported xmls with no luck. I also discovered that you can't actually change camera in opened xml sequences.


      I contacted help via chat the other day but either my connection went or the person on the other end left the chat. They were trying to resolve the issue for around 20 minutes with no luck so I don't know whether they gave up - I'd like to think not.


      My only concern is I am on a demo version of PP CC at the mo (not the 2014 version) I bought CC 2014 for a month but hardly used it as I get projects coming back and forth to me from others in older PP CC format so I went back to this version on the trial for a while. I'd be happy to pay but I don't want to have these issues with the paid version when my trial runs out. I never multicammed anything on CC 2014 so don't know if I'd have this problem too, surely not though as I can't see any threads on this particular issue anywhere?


      can anybody be of any help?





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          dummergold Level 4

          you speak of nesting and flattening - for that I presume you use the 'insert and overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips'  button


          to flatten your multicamera sequence - right click your sequence in your Project bin and choose 'New Sequence From Clip' in the pop-up menu


          sorry, I am not able to obsorb all the other stuff you have written, not that it is not clear, just my focus is limited

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            Cansen Yilmaz Level 1

            Dummergold thanks for your reply,


            Sorry if there's confusion it's really difficult to explain. Just to make things clear I have created my multi camera sequence by highlighting all of my clips in the sequence (once they're synced with the audio), then ctr-clicking them and hitting nest. I then name my new multi-cam sequence enable the sequence for multi cam viewing and then start making my cuts.


            I've been multicamming this way for a while.


            Once i've made my cuts I like to flatten all of my clips (by ctrl-clicking all of my cuts and then hitting -multicam-flatten) to reduce strain on cpu and because I know then thats my visual lock. Unfortunately I'm not able to flatten my clips at the minute which is what I was trying to explain above.


            I've closed and re-opened my project and the clips are all out of order again and when flattening some of the clips this time some of them do flatten.

            The issue is that the clips when flattened flatten a load of other clips at the same time and they've somehow all become one single flattened clip which has no cuts, as if I never multicammed at all! This is really messed up and unfortunately I don't think theres a simple answer.

            I don't know why your response says 'correct answer' how do I remove this?!?

            thanks for trying to help though,


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              dummergold Level 4

              I add picture of what a multicam sequence looks like in the project bin


              as well as the button that flattens nested clips


              Does your multicamera sequence appear as circled?


              multicam icon.jpg

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                Cansen Yilmaz Level 1

                Hi Dummergold,


                In honesty my multi cam sequences never display that icon. In the second pic below you can see in the browser window that my sequences have the same icon whether they have multi cam clips in them or not. I may be doing something wrong here but I've been doing multi cam like this for months now and it's been fine until now.


                I have just noticed that there are little white marker type looking things on the clips that have issues with them. There are around 8 clips at the start of the sequence shown below that are in order. From around 38 seconds however the clips are all over the place (some repeats, etc). The first image shows the playhead at a point before the error clips start. The second image shows my playhead further along the timeline viewing a black screen which makes no sense to me at all.






                grab 1.jpggrab3.jpg

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                  dummergold Level 4

                  i do not multicam the way you do

                  when I try the way you do and nest, then multicam enable, then multicam flatten, I loose the ability to choose that same multicamera option for the second time as it wants me to nest again


                  I will not be able to replicate the issues you are having

                  any suggestion I would make would be a shot in the dark

                  I do see that your method will allow you to multicam, but if it causes that kind of trouble what is the use in persuing that method


                  I hope someone can offer you better help