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    AS in a Slide Presentation

    Tim Will Do It Level 1
      I have to admit that I'm very new to AS but I'm excited about each new thing I'm learning.

      I would appreciate some input on this. I've created a Flash Slide Presentation in v8. Rather than using timelines in each slide, I'm trying to use AS to fade up certain elements on each slide and then fade them out again before going to the next screen.

      So far, I've worked out the kinks in doing this but now I've taken another baby step and I'm seeing a new reaction from Flash that I didn't expect.

      Each slide has one frame. Each element is on it's own Layer and I have an "Action" later for AS script. I'm including script that uses setInterval to fade up each element at a set time and this works great. However, now that I've executed gotoNextSlide, I find that the timer I start on this slide started running when my presentation began, not when this slide was loaded.

      I have playHidden set to false on each slide, so I expected the AS for a slide to begin once that slide was loaded, not at the beginning.

      My first question is, is my perception of what's happening correct? Is the AS on slide two running when the presentation is run?

      Second question, is there a way to make sure that the script on a slide doesn't execute until that slide is displayed?

      Third question, should all this script be on the first slide rather than on each individual slide?