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    facebook application using edge

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      i made a edge animation using the last version of edge animate (CC 2014.1). everything was working.    Then i tried to publish this edge as an facebook iframe application. this kind of app uses https access.

      my edge was working using http or https : https://myurl.com/my_edge_project/sample.html

      but in a iframe not :

      <iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="790" height="790" src="https://myurl.com/my_edge_project/sample.html"></iframe>

      this not working also :

      <iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="790" height="790" src="http://myurl.com/my_edge_project/sample.html"></iframe>


      i obtain this error   Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = symbol      (from edge.5.0.0.min.js or edge.5.0.1.min.js, edge create 2 files :-s seems it's a bug)




      the workaround i found is to use an html file containing an iframe with my edge :

      index.html (global) :   <iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="790" height="790" src="my_edge_project/sample.html"></iframe>


      and in facebook to use this file index.html instead of directly  the edge sample.html file


      then it's an iframe in a iframe :-(


      I would like to know if someone have a better solution ?