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    After Effects 50 fps footage

    The Sunkies Kingdom


      So I am SUPER new to anything After Effects but I am getting the hang of it, so if I don't know what your talking about just bare with me. Alright, so I shot some footage the other day on a Canon d3500 DSLR. I did not know that they shot on a higher frame rate, 50 fps. Now I am After Effects and I added some VFX to one clip and I am trying to render it out but everything I use either gives me the "Mismatched Settings" triangle/exclamation symbol at the bottom, no video and just the audio, or the video is slo-mo and the audio doesn't sync up because it's going normal speed. So what's the deal, what am I doing wrong. I checked all the settings and everything appears to be correct (again I have no clue what I am changing, I've been reading a lot about this in the last 24hrs but that's about it). All the settings say 50 fps and I assume that's what I want is for the settings to match my camera that I shot it on? Any way, any help would be greatly appreciated. I will add the details of my movie file in here just in case that helps. Cheers!



      Frame Width: 1920

      Frame Height: 1080

      Data Rate: 20347kbps

      Total bitrate: 21901kpbs

      Frame rate: 50fps



      Bit rate: 1544kpbs

      Channels: 2 (stereo)

      Audio sample rate: 48kHz