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    Robohelp 10 - hyperlink to Revit file throws 404 - page not found error


      Hello, all,


      I have a topic in an RH 10 project that includes hyperlinks to two Autodesk Revit (.rvt) files. Users need to download these files as part of the procedure described in the topic. When I test the links locally, they work without a problem. However, after I publish (multiscreen HTML5) to our server, the links throw a "404 - page not found" error when clicked. I've verified that the files are included in the project as baggage files. I've found that I can zip the files up and create links to the zip files instead as a workaround, but it means more steps for the user (which, of course, I'm trying to avoid).


      Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem? Are there simply certain file types that Robohelp doesn't support as linked files from a topic?


      Thanks in advance for your help!