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    take variables from file to dizdir with indesign illustrator



      I want to I can not help but want to create a script with indesign summer.

      I saw it somewhere in the job much easier. I variable objects in the opening pages of illistrator DAP records that biosya arranging a variable to take into 3 sections each section. After running the code comes with a screen indesign. writes the size of the objects from the screen. also choose custom size portion of it there. the next screen choose the illustrator file. entering the number of variables in the process. informs on how many units the field occurs on the page after the number of variables. draws the first variable to enter the file you want and how many pages will be sorted out. and when the script terminates at the end of the field is full. is prepared and completed design. I will set up my own business with my job a lot easier, but such a plugin. I would appreciate if you can help. Thanks to everyone