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    Is it possible to link a resized picture without having it fit automatically to the original frame?


      I have two Adobe illustrator images that are very similar, the first is 5 inches wide the second to replace it is 3 inches. I would just place and scale the image in InDesign, but I had to change line weights and shapes because some proportions of the image would just be too small.


      When I relink the file it scales the image to fit the existing larger frame. Is there any way the relink file with keeping content of the new file at 100%. I know I can use the content grabber to see how much the content was scaled and fix it, but it is annoying step where you still have to select "fit frame to content afterwards". InDesign, as far as I can tell, gives no warnings to let you know that an image when relinked was  stretched to fit the frame.