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    Director MX 2004 Mac OS X numeric keypad


      I am new to this so please excuse the basic question. I would like to use the numeric keypad for number entry in Director MX 2004 on a Mac. It doesn't seem to work because I think the keys are assigned to shortcuts. The only keys that work are 2 and 9. Is there any way to turn this off so I can use the keypad for typing numbers? Number lock doesn't seem to do anything and there doesn't seem to be anywhere to change the settings in preferences. Thank you in advance for your help.
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          johnAq Level 1
          This might be more trouble than it's worth in authoring mode. You probably need to install a blank menu to trap these events with your own menu system (see 'installmenu' int the help).

          In a projector or shockwave however, I believe this issue is gone. In authoring you can use the standard top row of the keyboard instead.