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    question about after effects


      hi im new to after effects and trying to learn a few step,iv been using youtube for help but this aspect i want to find out about i dont know what to look up to find my answer.


      my question is when im making an intro for a video


      i have design 1, design 2, then design 3 ,then my name appears .then i want to keep my name on the screen but dissapear the design 1.2 and 3  behind the name then start a dif design behing the name . how to i get from my name along with the 3 designs to my name with no designs and then be able add more designs ?


      sorry but above is the best way i feel i can describe it :/ .


      is it to do with a new layer or solid  that i put after my name to seperate the two ?


      if someone can find a video on youtube they feel can show me rather than tell me it would be appreciated!.