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    Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2 audio output won't play L and R channels





      I am running Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2 in Windows 7 64 bits. I have also a Genelec 8000 series pair working with an AJA Kona 3G and only one of the speakers works for any project. If I test the same audio file in Adobe Audition, it works perfectly for both channels. I tried with another clean new hard drive, and still it doesn't work. I can see that both channels have audio level, but it's just not played.



      I tried to change the speakers to all the channels of the AJA K3G Box, and change the Audio Hardware settings accordingly, but nothing help in Premiere.



      I would appreciate any help with this issue, because I can't work with one speaker forever



      Thanks in advance!!!