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    detail-page button: visited

      I made a (dynamic) menu in Dreamweaver with a recordset of Flash-buttons. The button is a grey outlined square and on click it is passing a FlashVars so you come to the detail page and the square should get totally grey then - and STAY grey for some hours. So you can click through all the squares and you can see what you have seen and what not.
      The problem is that the square does not stay grey after it is clicked on.. because it is going to the detail page!
      My first solution was to do a frameset, but now I get in troubles with the links from another frame, I cannot pass the variable to the specific frame in the frameset. Somebody can help me how to do the action script in my flashfile so I can do this without a frameset?
      Here is the frameset:

      I did 2 frames in Flash, on the 1st frame the button is grey outlined and on the 2n frame it is totally grey.
      The action on the 1st frame is:

      vierkant_btn.onRelease = function(){

      And on the 2nd frame:

      vierkant2_btn.onRelease = function() {
      getURL("index10.php?"+_level0.foto, "_parent", "GET");