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    SD vs HD: Native Quality on HD vs Tube TV


      I'm sure this isn't a new question but I couldn't find anything that specifically addresses solutions.


      VHS, Hi8, MiniDV video (SD)

      When played from it's native source (tape) on an old, CRT type TV, the quality isn't too bad.


      However, when played on a modern HD TV, the quality appears degraded; not as sharp nor color balanced.


      Of course, when you capture this native video and bring into a Premiere DV project, there really isn't an option to improve the quality.
      You're essentially digitizing SD video and then viewing it through an HD monitor or TV.


      So, regardless of whether I copy the original video from it's native device (tape/camcorder) onto a DVD or,

      if I capture it into a Premiere DV project then output to a DVD, viewing the final product on an HD TV will still not look as good as it

      would if played on your old CRT TV.


      Correct?      Or, am I missing something here?


      Appreciate your feedback!