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    Table Needs 1 Pt. Side Strokes that End in Solid Circle Caps


      I am working on a long document that has numerous (over 100) callout text boxes that must flow with the text. Because there will be a number of edits in the copy, I have put that text into a 1-column/1-row table. This allows the callout text to keep within the text flow of the document as edits are made to that text, as well as independently grow or shrink as edits are made to the text within the table.


      The ideal table should look like this. [This is not a formatted table; just a box of text with side strokes and 4 separate little circles added at the corners.]:


      I am working on a Table Style/Cell Style combination that can create this look, but the closest I've come is this:


      My Table Style is basically just a 1-col, 1 cell item with no fill and no stroke.

      My main Cell Style has the text indents and a 1-pt stroke on each side.


      I made a new Dots Stroke Style that is used to create the spaced dots at the corners. It uses the dotted style rule with the pattern length (spacing) set at 19 picas (the column width is 18 picas) and the corners set to "adjust gaps."

      I added a header and footer row to the table. To the header row I added a bottom stroke using the new Dots Stroke Style. To the footer row I added a top stroke that uses the new Dots Stroke Style.


      I'm getting close, but unfortunately it looks like my header and footer have inherited the side rules from the main Cell Style, and my corner dots are not sitting properly over the rules.