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    Titles not updating or showing on timeline


      I'm having a pretty crazy issue with title that's driving me mad. I've already made one title which was working just fine. Then when I created a second title, but had to change the color fill of the title to contrast the video everything looks fine in the title viewfinder. For some crazy reason none of the new titles I've made will update on the timeline or even after I close the title panel and bring the title clip into the timeline will it show on the view finder - It's like it's not there. I've put it on several video tracks and changed the text, but it's still missing. Am I missing some sort of visibility setting or did I do something to make the title hide when I changed the color? Even when I go back to edit the original title that is present on the timeline it won't update with the changes I've made to it. This is a major problem.


      Please help!