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    Logo vibrates to music

    Audio Reacting Image

      I want to know how to make the logo vibrate to the music. I know how it gets big but I just wanna know what the effect is called in  after effects to make it vibrate. I know how to hook it up with key frames btw Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhF8NLUQfTQ

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          aloooy_10 Level 1

          As I know you can create an audio reaction animation with 3 effects only :

          Audio waveform

          Audio Spectrum

          Trapcode Form


          This might help you as I guess , If I missed your point then clarifide it to me.

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            Picmention Matthias Level 1

            You can create keyframes from Audio.


            First go to animation->keyframe assistant->create keyframes from audio. These Keyframe values can be used now on every effect you want by using expressions.


            Example 1:

            thisComp.layer("Audioamplitude").effect("Linker Kanal")("Schieberegler")


            Example 2:

            temp = thisComp.layer("Audioamplitude").effect("Linker Kanal")("Schieberegler");





            the first example uses the audiopeak-value directly (be careful I uses AE in german, I don't know if copy&paste works with other languages), the second one uses the linear-effect to remap your values to a value between 0 and 100. This is usefull when using it for transparency. The four values 0,30,0,100 can changed by you.


            0 = smallest audiopeak Value

            30 = highest audiopeak Value

            0 = smallest output

            100 = highest output


            Best Regards