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    HELP with excel table data linked to Indesign -- keeping formating consistantly


      I have been working and working on getting consistent result doing this.


      Ultimately, these efforts need to produce a re-written InDesign CS6 company Product Catalog - for 3-4 years about 5,000 pricing updates have been done manually by going in and changing the $-amount (text) manually.


      My intention is to have a master excel table with the part numbers and pricing .................. use simple V-lookup to match fill in the part description and current price based upon matching up the part number.


      Take those various excel tables and have them input into the InDesign product cat that merges the CAD graphics of our products along with feature lists and finally the imported & linked excel table showing the pricing information.


      Sounded simple to me --


      In the excel 2010 file everything worked great to auto search the master list and populate the various tables with the information needed. I checked and changes in pricing on the "master list" reflected in the tables just fine.  I used the


      In InDesign, the box is checked to import graphics and tables as "linked" data .................. I place the file with the various import options and especially the "Import as formatted table" and the first two tables cam in perfectly.


      I have each product cat product section as one same named excel file and with the required tables that need imported on their own sheet - also identified with the table name so that things are easy to ID and find ............... all excel files pull from the one MASTER excel pricing file that has 3 usable columns - first is part number sorted in ascending order with the second column being its description and the third column being its current cost.   Works great and all excel tables populate just fine.


      The problem is getting all tables to come linked into InDesign and the formatting to stay the way it was in excel .............. instead of every cell reverting to left justified bunch of data.


      I also noticed that instead of when data changes, the links pane showing to just update that link it has the yellow triangle and the only option when you right-click is to re-link the entire file ................ this wont work good when the yearly changes need updates on virtually every linked table in the product cat.


      I expected to work like updating a graphics file ............... if I have more than one graphics file that changes and they are all located within the same directory, when I click to update the first one InDesign must look for "other" broken links within that same directory and automatically update them because this is what happens I have noticed. This is a great time saver and why wouldn't the excel links work the same way.


      Finally, if there is an "ADD-IN" or third party system that will allow me to DO EVERYTHING within InDesign as far as having formulas within the table cells and ESPECIALLY THE ASPECT TO DO V-LOOKUP TO A MASTER LIST JUST LIKE EXCEL DOES ..................... BUT DO IN ALL WITHIN INDESIGN I WOULD BE HAPPY TO DO THAT.


      Thank you - in advance for any one that has some practical advise on these issues.