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    How to tell AE CS6 to use bundled Mocha rather than Pro?

    Laer2 Level 1

      I recently upgraded my bundled Mocha from AE CS6 to Mocha Pro 4, but for some unknown reason, it won't let me export shape data in Mocha.  There seems to be no data at all, as even trying to paste in Notepad results in nothing.  Tracking data, however, works fine (both in AE and Notepad).


      Since I cannot figure out any solution in Mocha, the only thing I can do is use bundled Mocha rather than Pro... but I do not know how to tell AE to use bundled Mocha rather than Pro when I click 'Track In Mocha' (...a setting which was changed when Pro was installed).


      Does anyone know where/how I can switch it to Mocha bundled when you click on Track In Mocha?  (or, does anyone have any idea why Pro would not export shape data, whereas the same project in bundled Mocha did?)


      If anyone has any answers or theories, please let me know ASAP, as I have a project I'm trying to complete, and (as luck always has it) the weekend is now upon us, and support is closed over the weekend.