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    Adding new fonts to style


      I am trying to add new fonts to the style under flex properties region in flexbuilder 2.0 To do that I expect following piece of code work but it is still not adding the "gopi.ttf" font into the existing list of fonts in the style.

      @font-face {
      fontFamily: myFont;
      flashType: true;
      .MyStyle {
      fontFamily: myFont;
      fontSize: 36;

      <mx:Label x="2" y="2" text="syspro" styleName="MyStyle" width="266" height="56" visible="true" color="#6699CC" fontFamily="Georgia" fontSize="36" fontStyle="normal" fontWeight="normal" enabled="true"/>

      Above method gives me "unable to resolve 'c:/Windows/fornts/Changeling-Light.ttf' for transcoding" error. I also tried giving backslashes but still not working.

      --- -------------------------- ---------------------- -
      I also tried using src:local('Gopi") but no luck

      Please help :(

      Thanks much in advance.