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    How do I get missing folders from my desktop to my Lightroom 5 catalog?


      Okay, here is the problem:  I have some folders that I know are on my desktop. When I click on "Import", LR takes me to the next layer or screen, where I see the Files in their hard drives. I click on the hard drive that has my "stuff". I see the file for My Lightroom Photos. I click on it. When I go down to where the folders that are "missing" on the catalog on the Library page, I see them. If I go to where I want to import them to (on the right panel), they are there.


      I just do not see them in the folders, under the Catalog section in the Library.


      How do I get those files that are not showing up on the Library to the library?


      This is very hard to explain without someone being able to see what I see.


      Thank you