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    Why won't flash erase everything I go over?


      Ok, so this may be a stupid question; but I've only been using flash for a short time so here it goes.


      I have Adobe Flash Professional 2014 for starters, and my question, as stated in the title, is why does flash pick and choose what it feels like erasing? Now I have years of experience in photoshop, so yes, I am familiar with layers, just for some background. Basically what's going on, is if I'm working on one layer and say I color something in, if I go to erase some of it, it only erases parts, even if I go over the part I actually want erased numerous times. Like I said, I will be working on the same layer, not locked obviously, so I'm not really sure what's going on. It does it for the paint brush too. I'm not talking about the weird auto correction thing they do either, (how it'll smooth everything and what not). It just flat out won't erase things. The only way I've gotten around this is using the pencil tool to go over it with the different color I want, but it gets a little annoying if I'm copy and pasting for different scenes with different colors (like for backgrounds that don't change, just the colors). Any ways, I hope this makes sense and someone can help! I apologize if this seems like a silly question to the seasoned users, but I just can't figure it out and I've googled and can't find anything.


      Thanks in advance!