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    How can I REPLACE original RAW files with JPG's and keep my 'Develop mode' edits?


      An image describing my problem:




      (Lightroom 5)


      'edits' = Edits made in develop mode.

      'CR2' = My RAW image file format.


      I have existing CR2's with edits for them saved in Lightroom.


      I want to replace the CR2's with JPG's, and do nothing else. I want those JPG's to inherit the CR2's edits, but I DO NOT want the edits to be permanently applied to the image.


      If I export the CR2's (which have edits) to JPG's, the edits will be permanently applied to them. I do not want this.


      If I export the CR2's to JPG's without the edits, I have no way of getting the edits back and will have to redo the work if I use that photo again.


      Any solutions? I've been trying for a while and have no idea how to do this.


      Q: Why not keep the CR2's?

      A: I am uploading these files to an online host (S3) as my primary storage method and uploading CR2's takes way too long with my internet speeds. Furthermore, online storage costs money.


      Q: Why not shoot with JPGs instead of shooting raw?
      A: I do my initial edits with the raw files and then archive them as JPG's to save storage space. They won't be raw anymore if I apply future edits, but I still have the option of retouching them from the 'original' state and still have my old edits preserved.

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          areohbee Level 6

          Probably the best thing for you to do is simply use lossy DNG format (e.g. export as, or convert to..): raw data is re-formatted with jpeg compression (full-rez or reduced-rez), but all raw settings apply.


          If you insist on trying to have a true jpeg file with (mostly) raw settings, then:


          The simplest way I can think of to do it without a script or plugin:


          * Reset the raw photo (consider preserving things that don't translate well, like profile-based lens corrections and white balance).

          * Export jpeg

          * Un-reset the image (e.g. using edit history or pre-reset snapshot).

          * Sync settings from raw to jpeg (note: omit settings that don't transfer well, or that were not reset..).

          * Optionally: Delete raw


          To automate/streamline would require a script or plugin.