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    Inconsistent and varied lens metadata


      Hi - I tried searching the forums figuring this may be a common issue but seemed to only find semi-similar issues....but not a fix action.


      With that...


      Trying to figure out why LR is showing such an inconsistency regarding my lenses....types and such???


      For example...most of my shots using my former Sigma 300/2.8 EX show up as "300mm f/2.8" under the 'Lens' metadata.  But once I started using my Nikon 300/2.8...it consistently still shows "300mm f/2.8" with an occasional showing of the correct 'Lens' metadata at "AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f2.8 IF-ID".


      I have other lenses that mostly get categorize as basic focal lengths and f-stops versus true make and model.


      What causes this and how do I go about fixing this?




      Other facts:  LR 5.7, latest iMac 27" running 10.10.1, and using Nikon gear.