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    After Effects CC 2014.1.1 freezing constantly?

    EchoOut Level 1

      Hey everyone. I just got my new college lab of 13 new 6-core, 32GB RAM Mac Pros up and running and brought in my VFX class to give it a test run today. Everyone knows that if there's an issue, students will find it quickly.


      Anyway, they are all working on their final projects so there is lots of Cineware usage, Particular, stock pyro footage, track mattes, blend modes, parenting, standard stuff. Working in 720p, nothing crazy.


      I witnessed at least a few of them working in AE 13.1.1 and it was briefly freezing doing just about anything. Scrubbing, arranging layers, changing tools, whatever. Everything would freeze for maybe 3 seconds, get the beach ball/pinwheel and go back to normal. Positively aggravating to watch. When they would hop over to C4D or Illustrator, etc. now more freezing issues. It was AE only. I warn them not to expect too much of Cineware and to render their C4D file when they're feeling confident about it, but I wonder if this might be the problem area.


      I'll be going in tomorrow to try to replicate and isolate the problem, but any thoughts? I searched but didn't see this mentioned.


      Thanks again!