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    Moving pages with overriden master page footers


      I am setting up a conference program book that has a unique header and footer on (nearly) every page that is left or right justified depending on the page.  .I figured out how to override these and customized a few.  The problem comes in when I try to move a Left page to a Right page position. For example, I experimented with moving page 6 to Page 3, The page is taking the Master Page for that page position, so it is showing the footer from the moved page (in the wrong position) plus the Master page "template" footer in the right position. The page title, which is centered, is layering on top of the Master "template" header from page 3 on if those items had been overridden...  In theory I could wait to do ALL of these at the last minute, adding them to the master so the positioning is precise and overriding, but that's definitely not an ideal scenario for 120+ pages. And from working with this client on another project, I know that just when you think you are done...a request comes in to add something. This can't be an unusual situation so it I feel like I must be missing something.



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          It doesn't sound like you are getting any benefit from placing these headers and footers on the master page, so maybe you should just create them on the document pages instead.


          Master items are generally considered things that you only override on rare occasions. If you had a unique header or a footer for each of the chapters in your book, you might make copies of your master page for each chapter and only assign each master to that one chapter. In that case, you could move a left page to the right and not have a problem, as long as it was still in the same chapter.

          mmppgh430 wrote:


          The page title, which is centered, is layering on top of the Master "template" header from page 3 on if those items had been overridden...

          It sounds like the page title goes on a page that has no header. If that's correct, you should apply a master to that page that doesn't have a header, the way you might apply a master without a page number to a title page.

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            You are handling these headers and footers wrong. They have not be to be overwritten in ANY CASE. It breaks the logic. On the page no item from the master has to be editable, otherwise you would not be able to create an PDF which is conform to the UA standard. Elements from the page are part of the content from the master not, as it will be visible on EPUB export or PDF/UA when it comes to read loud out.

            Even if your target is print only, where it would not be visible this difference, it is important to follow those rules.


            Use these placeholders on the master and fill them with text variables, text generated from text from the page, or from the section information or or or, there are a way lot more possibilities to avoid overrides. Without overrides it is not a problem to shuffle pages around and you will not loose anything. And most important: your exported PDF can be conform the UA standard and an exported EPUB (I don't talk about fixed layout) will show up correctly in most epub readers.