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    Video and audio out of sync

    David Accola

      I am experiencing the same issue described here: Audio and Video out of sync - Elements Village. Unfortunately, no solutions listed there have worked for me yet.


      The video plays back at a slower rate than the audio and gets progressively more and more out of sync as the video goes on.


      My video is an .mp4 recorded on an LG G2 under its setting "FHD 1920x1080 (30 fps)." When analyzed by GSpot it confirms the FPS is 29.971. However, the Properties within Premiere Elements determine the FPS to be 23.02.


      Video settings:


      Codec: avc1: H.264/MPEG4-AVC


      Framerate: 29.971 (Though Premiere elements says 23.02)


      What I've tried so far:

      -Unlinking video/audio and using Time Stretch to slow down the audio. I cannot find a setting where the audio will stay in sync throughout, when slowed down it gets progressively further and further behind.

      -Changing the Project Presets: I tried both "DSLR 1080p30" and "DSLR 1080p24"--didn't affect anything.

      -Changing the Interpret Footage settings: "Use framerate from file" (23.0180 FPS) and framerate 24 = video plays slower than audio. Framerate 29.97 and 30 = video still plays slower than audio, but both play faster than they did before.

      -Converting video file: converted to .wmv. This stays synced up better (still out of sync), but makes Premiere laggy and crashy.


      Thanks in advance for any other suggestions.