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    List of videos loaded in a project

    clauderozsa Level 1

      Hi guys


      Is it possible to create in a project when it is completed an automatic full printable list of all the videos used in it with a few infos like length, format.

      I did not find anything here or on the net about this possibility which could be interesting especially to purge driver's folders of all videos which will no more be used and gain space on the drivers.

      Thanks for any suggestion


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          dummergold Level 4

          something like


          project manager

          collect files and copy to new location

          with the option of exclude unused clips


          something like that work for you?

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            clauderozsa Level 1

            Not exactly; what I would like to have is a list of my files on a kind of word or excel list used in my project in its finalized stage. It's not to change their location, this will be done with the whole project directory if I decide to.  I checked the project manager but it does not answer my purpose . If it doesn't exist I think it could be a useful option. It could act as a sort of memo of your work once it is finished if for instance you decide later to revise your editing or use some of the clips in an other project. Of course one can say this is the view point of non professional user like myself. For example I'm presently re-editing my videos of my hikes and raft trip in the Grand Canyon of some 20 to 10 years ago taking advantage of new takes done with a better equipment and the fact that I have a much powerful PC not to mention the Adobe CC suite. I have in the past painfully written down all the takes included in my projects done with Mediastudio Pro in a Word file. If this could be done automatically by the program it would save a lot of time and be less cumbersome and with no risks of omissions.

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              dummergold Level 4

              I do lots of screen shots, which I acquire through Windows Snipping Tool. I select the portion I want to see and save it as a JPEG in a folder.


              Not tot what you want I know.


              I use that method to see what video files I have included in a multicamera sequence, so that when I create a new project, import new files and wonder where I left off, I open the previous screen shot, see where I left off with respect to what video files were last imported and continue with the next. Example - first song, second song, whole set list and where the video files fall.


              My list I record in JPEG format as well as a paper file that I pen in the same info. The JPEG works better as I can overlay it to view as I import.


              Perhaps you could screen shot your project bin's video files and use that to help you.