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    Correspondence management - Does CMS support dynamic functionality

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      We have an requirement that based on the xml input the no. of pages should get generated. This functionality we have implemented in CMSA, the pages are getting generated but the asset which we mapped to template are not displayed.


      For example: My input XML consists of 4 address, In CMS, at layout design we wrote code for no. of address that many pages need to be generated on page level. The same layout we used for creating template.

      While designing an template we used the fragments and assets. The pages which are generated dynamically shows fragment content but not the asset content.

      1. i.e., Page 1 is displayed properly with all the content of the letter, but the pages generated dynamically have fragment but no asset.


      Do CMS support this type of functionality?

      If yes, please help me in resolving this.


      Thanks in advance