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    Premiere Pro crash on start-up when loading 'importer/exporter quicktime.prm'


      Hi guys,

      I've had this problem for a little while now, and so far not even the guys from the chat on the adobe site have been able to help me.

      Pretty much what happens is when I try to start up my trial of adobe premiere pro it shows the startup page thing that is purple, and where it shows which features are being loaded, eventually it gets to the point where it either shows 'loading importerquicktime.prm' or 'loading exporterquicktime.prm' before freezing the program completely. In my task manager it says the program is not responding so I end up closing it through there as well.

      I've gone as far as to re-install the program about 4 times, re-installed quicktime but with no change, and I've even turned off my firewalls but they dont seem to make any difference.
      I am currently running my computer with windows 8.1, all the specs are up to scratch as well as telstra online security being computer protection software, I was able to get the program running on another computer in my house running windows 7 and different computer protection software (AVG) but I do not know how there were no issues with that laptop and not this one


      Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.