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    FLVPlayback strangeness

    Point Happy
      I'm using FLVPlayback to play FLV videos.

      It seems that if I leave the content path unassigned in the component inspector and try to merely assign the content path in ActionScript in "onClipEvent(load)", that the flv doesn't play, even though it shows the content path in the variables in the debugger. But if I assign an flv in the component inspector, that I am then able to assign content paths sucessfully in ActionScript when doing "onClipEvent(load)".

      But after I got it to work when I do it in the "onClipEvent (load)" with this workaround I had to get more real world. My application must read in the name of the FLV file from an external file. I'm trying to excute the same code in "onClipEvent (enterFrame)" so that I can delay starting it playing till the file name is read.

      It all seems to work fine except where I choose the contentPath. I have watched the data so I know that it is indeed reading the flv file name into the content path, but it doesn't seem to play it with the play() command. In testing I found that specifying the content path in the "onClipEvent (load)" and doing the play() command in the "onClipEvent (enterFrame)" works.

      And in testing I found that when I specify the content path in the "onClipEvent (load)" and then specifying a different content path again in the "onClipEvent (enterFrame)" and then the play() command in the "onClipEvent (enterFrame)" it plays the file specified in the "onClipEvent(load)".

      I'm puzzled because it also instantiates a _level0.FLVPlayer.0 as well as the _level0FLVPlayer and the file that it is playing seems to be listed as the content path for the _level0.FLVPlayer.0

      Does anyone have any ideas?