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    Using 2 different GPUs at the same time?

    FuelMe Level 1

      PPro CC 2014's performance with AVCHD files (multiple cameras) is so poor, I'm wondering if it's time to throw 2 GPUs into my workstation and see if that makes a difference.My current rig has a GTX 780 installed and while it was smooth as butter with previous versions of PPro, it seems to not suffice now with PPro CC 2014. I also have 2 older GTX 680, and several GTX 560 (I think) cards stored away.

      Instead of forking out another $5-600 for yet another video card, is it possible to get PPro to work with

      1) GTX 780

      and a

      2) GTX 680

      in the same computer? If so, can I force PPro to use the 780 for its MPE-related activities, and have the 680 just do the "monitor duties"? (I usually have 2 monitors attached at any given time.)

      Or a mix thereof?

      Does it HAVE to be 2 of the same GPUs?

      Or should I use the 2 x GTX 680 and ditch the GTX 780?


      What's your recommended approach, if any?


      I want to make it clear that my system was perfectly smooth and worked without an issue with previous versions of PPro, including last year's version. The performance issues only happened since PPro CC 2014.

      Common issues are laggy playback, dropped audio, frequent low-memory warnings (ONLY happens while working in PPro). Of course I run memory tests and keep the system clean (no unneeded programs like anti-virus, games, etc.) .


      Here's my main rig:


      Windows  8.1

      Intel i7 3930K (Hexa core) @ 3.20 Ghz ( performance improvement even if overclocked to 4 Ghz but then it's quite unstable so I usually do not overclock anymore)

      Motherboard is Asus Rampage IV Extreme

      32 GB Ram

      Current card: GTX 780 (currently only 1)


      SDD 1: OS, Programs

      SSD 2: Source files

      SSD 3: Media Caches

      SSD 4: Deliverables

      SSD 5: misc stuff like titles, watermarks, etc.

      SSD 6: PPro .proj files



      Thanks in advance