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    master page text frame with different paragraph styles


      I am setting up master pages for someone else and I want to make it easy for them to navigate and interact with the pages to edit and insert text,.

      Can I set up a master page text frame with different paragraph styles that they can use when entering text?



      Bottom line is regular, title case


      Can I set it up so when they click the top line, it will automatically use the paragraph style I have set up and the same for the second line?

      I have tried this, but within the same text box it either reverts to the top paragraph style or to the bottom one and I'd like to set it up, so they don't have to always go into style and choose the correct one.


      I'm also hoping to not have two text boxes: one for the top paragraph style and the other for the bottom paragraph style. So, they don't have to use the mouse as often when they're editing.